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NEW: This 160016 fuse switches currents up to 20 A
Our new 160016

We have now succeeded in designing an SMD fuse for rated currents of up to 20 A which, at 4.5 x 16 mm, not only has a smaller footprint, but is also available for 12.5 A and 16 A in addition to 20-A currents.

All new variants of our 160016 SMD series are capable of breaking high short-circuit currents, with specifications including 1500A@DC125V and 1000A@AC125V.

In order to provide robust protection against high turn-on pulses and starting currents, we have also paid attention in this new expansion of the rated current range to maximising delayed tripping behaviour with high melting integral values. All of which make our new design the perfect solution for a wide range of uses, from power supplies and battery applications all the way to power electronics. 

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20 A16 A12.5 A

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