SIBA is 75

75 years of innovative growth cutting‑edge products human interaction worldwide presence

Key data

Only businesses whose customers appreciate their products and services can survive on the market for three-quarters of a century. Like the fuses from SIBA, for example. These have been taking care of electrical safety for a long time now: whether at energy utilities or in the switchgear of industrial firms; or in increasingly miniaturised industrial electronic devices, or the heavily stressed power semiconductors needed in the renewable energy field. Here are just some of the milestones of our history:

The videos

Constant growth, products that can better be called solutions, the early move to establish a subsidiary abroad, and the special approach to dealing with people – these are the four basic elements that make up the “corporate DNA” of SIBA. This is summed up in four films that draw on the experiences of those who should know best: our employees. In our anniversary year, the videos are being published in a quarterly rhythm.

Innovative growth

Part one, “Innovative growth”, provides an initial overview, while the other films look at aspects of our development in greater depth. Here it is:

Innovative products

In part 2, we’re talking about our products. Fuses are protecting men and machines. And they are innovative, because we’re developing our fuses close to the needs of our customers.


In this video SIBA employees are describing, how they’re experiencing internationality in their jobs.

Personal voices

The facts

The story

The new heart of energy often beats in direct current applications and intelligent innovative energy solutions. How good, then, that SIBA has always had its finger on the pulse. Like many other firms in the region, we also started out in the mining sector. 

Here you can find a brief history of our business in narrative form:

75 years of innovation

Hidden champion: SIBA was established three-quarters of a century ago. Today, it is the only company to still manufacture fuses in Germany. The secret to its success? A blend of caution, risk-taking, valuing employees and tireless inventiveness.

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